Our Story


It all started when…

A young man in 1981 got thrown into making swords after the Maryland Renn Fest stopped allowing him to sell import swords. Mostly self taught in the early days, Kerry struggled with few tools to make swords and armor as best he could. In 1990 Kerry started the company Baltimore Knife and Sword which quickly found it's focus making stage combat weaponry. There were few options in those early days and the demand was low. Other fabrication work had to be done just to keep the shop going. Along the way, Kerry gathered many talented craftsmen to contribute to the design and production in the shop. Only a few years into developing a quality product BKS became the leader in stage combat Arms and Armor. The solid construction and life time warranty quickly made BKS' products a favorite among the theatrical and renn fair combatants. A standard that still holds to this day.

Flash forward to 2001 when BKS went from selling at 1 Renn Fair to branching out and wholesaling to several different vendors. By this time younger brother Matt had come into his own and started grinding many of the blades. The product line exponentially expanded into a very diverse group of products ranging from pirate cutlasses to battle axes and just about everything in between. They went from selling at 1 festival to selling at over 75 shows around the country. In addition to the Renn Fairs, BKS gained a large presence on social media at great speed. This allowed the company to grow even more and expand to online sales that often resulted in custom high end orders. At this time it became obvious that more artisans were needed to meet the demand.