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Kerry Stagmer - Founder - co-owner - machinist 

Kerry has been making swords for over 30 years. He is not only self taught, but he has also studied many different forms of metalsmithing under several masters.  Perhaps his true talent is gathering of rare tools and craftsmen with the skill sets to use them. On the day to day at BKS Kerry runs the milling machines, handles swords and deals with shipping between 30-70 swords a week. For MAN AT ARMS, Kerry is our main machinist and handles most of the casting as well as the design work.  

Hobbies : Sports Cars, League of Legends, Rose Engines

Facebook : Kerry Stagmer 


Click Here to see examples of Matt's Work

Click Here to see examples of Matt's Work

Matt Stagmer - co Owner - Lead Blade grinder - swordsmith

Matt has been making swords for 20 years. He started working with his brother Kerry and John at the age of 15. He has a background in graphic design and Architectural CAD. Matt has ground thousands of sword blades during his career at BKS and you see him grind most of the blades on the show.
Hobbies: Video Game Streaming, Athletics, Airsoft, Comics

Facebook : Matt Stagmer 

Instagram : @Matt_at_Arms

TwitchTv : Stalkertron

Twitter @AnvilSlave

Ilya Alexseyev - lead Bladesmith - Armorer - Engraver 

Ilya came to BKS as an armorer and worked for the firs few years on his own projects and contributed here and there when needed. He quickly became the most talented bladesmith in the shop and has been full time with the shop for several years now. His dedication to forging and forming metal has made him quite valuable to daily work at BKS and is a driving force on the show to forge most of the blades. His skill as an engraver adds much needed details to the final products on many of our Reforged items.

For custom orders email Ilya at

Instagram : @SlavicSmith



John Mitchell - Fabricator - Production Manager

John has been working with BKS for over 25 years. What started off as a hobby has now turned to a full time job. He handles most of our retail orders and on a day to day basis he keeps the craftsmen on task by distributing work amongst each of us. He skill as a fabricator and welder is essential to just about every item made at the shop.

To place order contact John through email:

Bill Collison - assistant blade grinder

Bill started off making armor on his own time in the shop in the 90's. A few years ago he started working full time at BKS mostly grinding blades and pitching in where needed. It was a easy hire as Bill has always been around the shop and was familiar with the tools. He has also developed a reputation for swinging the almost unswingable heavy weapons that we make on the show.

Instagram : @Kaliban


Click Here to see examples of Rick's work      

Click Here to see examples of Rick's work




Rick Janney - Casting - tempering and straitening tech

Rick has been a contributing artist at BKS since he was a teenager. When the shop moved to its current location in 2002 he became a stable here and started working full time with BKS two years ago. On a normal day Rick preps blades for grinding by straightening them and works on making the hilt parts and other items.  His knowledge of bronze age techniques and sculpting skills are used on both the TV show and the youtube series.


Ferenc Greggor - Master Sculpter/Carver

Ferenc Gregor, a first generation Hungarian-American, residing in Maryland, began carving in 1987, utilizing natural materials, such as
wood, horn, fossil ivories, and stone.  He is self  taught through years of practice, study, and experimentation with both old and new
technique elements in various mediums and styles. Ferenc has been working with us for years. He plays a major roll on the builds that have a lot of sculpting or carving. 

Website -
Facebook - Szobraz Studio