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Baltimore Knife and Sword
Hosts of :

Man At Arms


our goal

Bringing Fantasy to Life

The team at Baltimore Knife and sword have dedicated their lives to a craft of tradition and ingenuity. Each one of us is honored to bring your favorite video game, anime, and other favorite items to life. We strive to create each weapon the best that we can in the short amount of time given. We also take pride in passing along knowledge of the craft to the viewer. Sure, we are often fans of the things that we are making, but we want to educate the viewer in the craft of smithing as much as possible. The YouTube show is driven by user requests and we take that seriously!


Have a question? We can answer it !

Check out our Ask A Blacksmith series where we do our best to answer your tweets on a video. Use the hashtag #askablacksmith to submit a question.


Show your support for the crew by purchasing a MAN AT ARMS: Reforged T-Shirt and help spread the word.